A downloadable game for Windows

Captain Beky lost her squad and must fight the fires to escape the building!

This is a One Mechanic Game and the one mechanic is using your water hose to move, put out fires, and collect hearts if hurt. 

Controls are:

[UpArrow], [Left Arrow], [DownArrow], [RightArrow]

You can combine directions to do angles.

All the art is original, but music was courtesy of:

"Music: www.bensound.com" or "Royalty Free Music from Bensound"

Submitted by:

Shay Ellison

Narine Cholakyan

Install instructions

Should just download and unzip then click on the Beky.exe to run!


Beky_x86-64.zip 18 MB
Beky_x86.zip 16 MB

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